Thursday, 26 March 2020

Free wallpaper: Tissue paper

I had fun drawing tissue paper this morning. Dunno why people were going crazy about the latter. Then came the idea to make the drawings as desktop & mobile wallpapers. 

What do you think? They are FREE to use.

You can download them HERE. I've made in two colours:  Blue & dark brown. 

Good luck along your creative way

Sunday, 22 March 2020

Let's talk... Confinement

Hello guys, hope you're fine & day 3 of confinement is going well, safe at home. The moment we heard about a case of Covid-19 in Mauritius, I decided to work from home. So today is actually day 4 for me. I can say that we are living in a weird, stressful & scary situation right now.

Before Confinement

The 1st day was a nightmare. The moment we woke up, I looked at my phone & bang! Breaking news! I knew it! (I didn't watch the TV the night before, I knew something was wrong. Why our Prime Minister would make a press conference at 22hr? I Just wanted to have a good sleep).

Poussin was at home with me koz we can't take the risk of being sick, my due date is coming soon! I was panicking. The media didn't help at all duh! I stay glued to my phone. Reading & watching all news. Whatsapp groups were overloaded. Friends, families & colleagues sending all kinds of news.  Some were fake tho.

Day 1

Having to work kept me busy from scrolling through social media & not to read whatsapp messages every 2 minutes (except urgent matters). I stay informed by watching MBC & official sites.