Sunday, 10 March 2019

New Challenge

I'm excited to introduce you to this new category on the blog! Since I'm a photography enthusiast,  I will share with you some of my photos here regularly. Feel free to use them as you want (though a small credit acknowledgement would be most appreciated).

My focus for a photography blog is to mainly inspire myself, make something that I love and make me happy... In particular, I needed to have a space where I can share photos of whatever I like for no real purpose at all.

Hoping it inspires you as well. 

Good luck along your creative way!

Wednesday, 27 February 2019

Romantic date night

I've been off social media for some time. You can't imagine how often I glanced at my phone and scrolled through the never ending feed. It wasn't healthy at all. 

Also because Poussin & I were busy playing games >.>  Staying at home order takeout, dessert like Cheesecake from cafĂ© de la presse, drinks (Beer & wine duh!) and some finger foods. 

We freaking love it!

Good luck along your creative way